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On the Dashboard page, you can view lists of ongoing and recent consultations as well as upcoming and cancelled or missed appointments. In addition, users can customise the Dashboard content to some extent through their personal profile settings.

Recent Consultations and Scheduled Appointments

Recent consultations shows all ongoing or completed consultations. You can use the free text search field to find specific consultations, the selection fields to view consultations by ward, personnel, and patient species, and the filters to view consultations by status. From recent consultations, you can go to the consultation or invoice page by selecting the status label or the green stethoscope or banknote buttons.


Scheduled appointments shows upcoming, passed, deleted, and no-show appointments. The search and filtering options include free text search, selection lists for wards and personnel, and filters for status and time frame. From scheduled appointments, you can go to the 'mark as arrived' page by selecting the status label or the green entry button. If you want to edit a scheduled appointment, select the blue edit pen icon.


From Columns, you can select the columns to show in the lists. To save your selected filters and columns so that the same selections are applied the next time you view the list, select the wrench tool button > Save filters. Note that the filters are department-specific.

Hyperlink texts also open other pages. For example, selecting the client's or patient's name will take you to the client's or patient's page and the appointment timestamp link to the appointment calendar.

For more information about the appointment and consultation statuses, see Consultation Visit Workflow and Statuses in Overview of Provet Cloud.

Laboratory Analyses and Requests

The Dashboard includes the Laboratory Analyses and Laboratory Requests sections if you have added them in your personal profile settings. For more information about these sections, see Laboratory Dashboard Widgets.

Shared Inbox

At the bottom of the Dashboard page, you can find the Shared inbox, which is used for receiving external records and communications to your Provet Cloud account by email. These records can be added to Provet Cloud and assigned to specific clients and patients. The shared inbox can only be used for receiving email — emails cannot be sent from the address. For more information, see Shared Inbox.

Action Buttons

The Dashboard includes action buttons for some functions.


Other Patient Care Pages

In addition to the Dashboard, other pages may also be available under Patient care depending on the department settings.


  • Triage: Shows an overview of the department's triaged appointments. For more information, see Using Triage Functionalities.
  • My Workspace: On this personal page, you can add widgets from the New widget drop-down menu to have quick access to information relevant to you.
  • Plans: Shows an overview of planned treatment items if the function is used in the department.
  • Laboratory: Shows an overview of the department's laboratory referrals. For more information, see Laboratory Features.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Shows an overview of the department's diagnostic imaging referrals. For more information, see Diagnostic Imaging.
  • Patient Referrals: Shows an overview of the department's patient referrals. For more information, see Patient Referrals (Basic Workflow).
  • Patient Locations: Shows an overview of location use if patient locations are used in the department.



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