How to Use Consultation Forms

Use Case

Animal clinics and hospitals often have standard certificates and forms in use, such as consent forms for procedures or medicine use, health or vaccination certificates, or more complex discharge instructions. 


This feature is an add-on and requires set-up from Provet Cloud Support. To use this document, your Word .docx form will need to have been previously created, formatted and uploaded within Provet Cloud. See the guide How to Set Up Forms for this information. 


Consultation forms can be created only during an ongoing consultation. The 'Forms' section is located in the 'General info – Consultation' section at the top of the consultation page. Consultation forms function similarly to client- or patient-level forms.

  1. Select the 'Add' button to access the list of all available consultation forms, as well as a search field.
  2. Select the desired form title from the drop down list. A prompt will then appear notifying the user that the form has successfully generated.
  3. Select 'Open' to proceed to the form PDF preview page, which will open in a new web browser tab. This tab can safely be closed at any time as the form automatically saves to the specific consultation and patient history once successfully generated.
  4. Complete or update any information fields within the preview screen as you would with client- or patient-level forms.
  5. Conclude the form creation process by selecting any of the finalising options- save, print, email, delete, lock or export.


Accessing Created Forms

Consultation forms can always be accessed through a patient's page from within the consultation history, by selecting the specific consultation row which will open the locked consultation preview. By selecting the blue hyperlink title text of the form, you are able to view the complete form as shown below.

Consultation forms can also be accessed through the patient history by selecting the "Forms" filter. Please reference the example screen below.








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