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Start Consultation for an Admitted Appointment

The easiest way to find appointments that have been checked in is to go the Dashboard and use the Checked in filter under Recent consultationsTo go to the consultation page, select the stethoscope button at the end of the row.

The status of the appointment is updated to 'Consultation' automatically when you start adding information on the consultation page, for example, write clinical notes or add treatment items. Optionally, you can change the appointment status to 'Consultation' manually by selecting Start consultation in the bottom right corner of the page.

Tip! Provet Cloud saves the arrival and consultation start times, and you can use this information to monitor client waiting times: go to Reports > Practice performance > Consultation time.

Additional options

Other options to go to the consultation page:

  • In the appointment calendar, right-click the appointment and select Consultation from the pop-up menu.
  • Select the appointment in the calendar to open it. In the Appointment details dialogue, select Go to consultation.
  • Find the patient and go to the patient's page. Select Consultation at the end of the tab row.

Skip Check-In and Start a Consultation Directly

You can also begin a consultation directly without checking the patient in first:

  • With an appointment: In the Appointment details dialogue, select the small arrow button next to the Check in patient button and select Start consultation.
  • Without an appointment: On the patient's page, select New > Consultation. On the Consultation details page, select Start consultation.

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