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In Provet Cloud, patients must always be connected to clients. You can start by adding a client first and then add patients to the client. To add a new client and patient in one go, see Add a New Patient

  1. The simplest way to add a new client is to start from the Dashboard. Select Create new > Client in the top right-hand corner of the page. Other places you can start from: 
    • In the Clients & Patients view, select New client in the top right corner of the page.
    • When booking a new appointment, select New client in the New appointment dialogue.
  2. Fill in the client details. 
    • Last name or Organisation name (for example, a farm) is required.
    • ID number: Depending on the department settings, this information may be required. This is the client's identity number from their proof of identity. It is different from the system ID number which is automatically generated when the client information is saved and shown in parentheses next to the client’s name. Both ID numbers and can be used to search for the client in the system.
    • Home department: The client's home department in your organisation. The home department information can be used, for example, for reporting purposes or in client search. Depending on the organisation settings, this information may be required.
    • Phone number is by default required, but you can disable the phone requirement by clicking the red X button at the end of the row.
      NOTE: Add the phone number in the complete format including the '+' sign, country code, and the full phone number, for example: +358 401234567. Depending on the organization and department level settings, standard phone information such as +country code may be automatically prompted.
    • Fill in any other relevant information.
  3. When you have finished filling in all the necessary information, click Save.

Optional Client Information

Fill in any additional information necessary for your purposes. Available fields may vary depending on the department settings.

  • Client's address and email address(es)
  • Secondary owner: This can be used, for example, for a family pet to have another contact when the primary client is unable to deliver or pick up the animal. You can add the secondary owner's phone number at the bottom of the page and mark it as Secondary owner's phone
  • Referring organisation and Referring veterinarian:  See Add a Referring Organisation or Veterinarian as a Client.
  • Production animal client: See Add a Production Animal Client.
  • Breeder: Select this checkbox if the client is a breeder. This information is needed if you use the VetEnvoy integration for registering microchips.
  • Tags: You can add tags or select existing tags if available, for example, to provide extra information about the client or for discount purposes. Tags may be required depending on the department settings.
  • Critical notes and Remarks: You can add any critical notes about the client as well as additional remarks. Critical notes are shown at the top of the client's consultation view.
  • Invoicing client: You can select another client to be the payer for the client, for example, if a charitable organisation pays the invoice.
  • Alternative invoicing address: Available depending on the department settings. Instead of another invoicing client, you can select this option to add a different address for invoicing, for example, a client's business address.
  • Client type: Available depending on the organisation settings. The options include Internal, External, and Research, and each type can have a specific VAT rate associated with them (defined in the organisation settings) which overrides the default rate on the invoice. 
  • Communication settings: You can disable sending emails and/or text messages to the client.
  • On stop: If you have the required rights, you can mark a client as 'on stop'.
  • To add additional phone numbers, select +Phone and mark one of them as the Default communication number.

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