Send an Email to a Client

You can send emails to a client when sending email is enabled in the client's settings.

An envelope button is shown next to the client's name on the client and consultation pages when sending email is enabled. If not enabled, the envelope icon does not include a link to open the email dialogue. The Tools menu in the top right-hand corner of the client and patient page also includes an option to send an email.

  1. Select the envelope button (or Tools > Send email). The Send email dialogue opens.
  2. If your clinic has several departments, select your department from the From drop-down list.
  3. The client's email address is automatically added to the To field, but you can change it or add more email addresses.
  4. Add a Subject and write your message in the Email text field. You can also use templates if they are available. The email logo, header, footer and colour theme are defined in the department settings.
  5. In the Related patients field, you can select the client's patient(s) that the message is related to.
  6. You can add attachments to the message if available (files saved in the client and patient records are available). Use the Show/Hide button to view or hide available attachments.   
  7. Select Send.

A record of the sent email is saved on the client page's Communication tab where you can view all past communications with the client.

Other Email Communication With Clients

You can also send emails related to specific functions and purposes, for example:


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