Managing User Accounts

What are User Accounts?

User accounts provide users with approved and secure access to your Provet Cloud environment. User accounts also allow administrator users to control feature access and permission levels, as well as define work roles to limit which staff available for selection within various features. Only 'administrator' users can create or delete user accounts. It is recommended each Provet Cloud user or staff member have a unique user account with personalized login credentials.

Creating a User Accounts

To create user accounts, follow Settings > Users and select the blue 'User' button to add a user.


Editing User Accounts

Many different properties can be defined for each user. Most of them are self-explanatory, see the sections below for more in-depth descriptions.

NOTE: The following informational fields must be completed for all user accounts: first name, last name, email address, phone number (or field must be blank), initials, default permission group, work role.

Email - The email address defined for a user account will be the user's login credential as well as where any password generation links are sent. Additionally, any support tickets will be responded to at this email address. It is recommended the email address is active and the user has access to the email inbox.

Phone number - The phone number field must either be blank or a complete phone number including '+' and the country code must be defined.

Veterinarian ID - This field is available for the entry of a veterinary accredited qualification ID number. Note that the field appears only if the work role is defined to be 'Veterinarian'.

Prescriber ID - This field is available for the entry of prescriber ID number permitting the prescribing of medications (market dependent).

Default permission group - The default permission group selection defines what functions and features a user has permission to access. Four default permission groups are available. Custom permission groups must be created prior to being available for use. Please reference the full guide on managing user permission groups for further instruction.

Department specific permissions - If multiple departments are in use, permissions can be assigned by the department.

Work role - The user's work role selection should be based upon the closest primary work role of the user within the clinic.

  • Veterinarian - These users are available for appointment booking and they can be responsible employees for consultations and individual invoice rows.
  • Support staff - These users can also be available for responsibility like veterinarians if a respective department setting is enabled.
  • Administrative - This role is meant for clinic managers, accountants and other administrative employees who do not handle appointments and consultations.
  • Technical - This role is meant for special cases where a user is needed for clinic monitors, for example when a TV is used in a room to constantly display the calendar or another Provet Cloud page. Contact Provet Cloud support for more info if you need that setup.

Virtual user - A virtual user is a user account that does not have login user credentials and is used in various workflows as a general staff user to which unassigned appointments can be scheduled against.

Areas of expertise - Information entered into this field describes a user's area of expertise which is displayed on the appointment calendar to assist in appointment scheduling.

Qualifications - Use this field to enter qualifications the user possess such as accreditation DVM or VMD.

Active departments - If multiple departments are in use, the user account can be made available in all departments or only selected departments.

Enable account expiration - When this setting is enabled, the user account is automatically deleted after the specified expiration date has passed.

Employee number - Use this field to enter an employee number that is used by HR integrations for example.

Deleting a User Account

In the user section in settings:

  1. Select the trash bin button located at the end of the user row
  2. Select 'Delete' once you have confirmed this is a user account you wish to delete

It is recommended administrator users routinely manage their active user account list to ensure all user accounts are active, valid, and current. Many subscription features are billed based on user count so maintaining a current active list is encouraged. If you wish to remove access for a user, it is possible to delete the user account from the active list. User accounts are not fully removed, but rather archived.

Restoring a Deleted User Account

Deleted or archived users accounts can be found by selecting the corresponding 'Deleted' filter within user account settings.

Select the 'Pen' button on the user's row in the table to edit the user. Update any user information as needed and select 'Save' once completed. The user account will be then activated.


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