Managing Messages in Your Shared Inbox

The Provet Cloud shared inbox can be used for receiving external records and communications to your Provet Cloud account by email. The records can be assigned to a specific client and patient. Note that the shared inbox can only be used for receiving email — emails cannot be sent from the address.

Your clinic's shared inbox is located on the Dashboard at the bottom of the page. You can find the shared inbox address next to the Shared inbox title (, where 'xxxx' is your organisation's Provet Cloud ID). Anyone who has the address can send emails to it, for example, clinic employees and animal owners.


Smart Email Subject Lines

Information from an email can be automatically linked to the correct patient and client. To do this, include a capital C and the Provet Cloud client ID or a capital P and the Provet Cloud patient ID on the subject line of the email message (see 'P50' in the image above). Using the patient identifier also creates a client link because patients always have owners (clients) connected to them in Provet Cloud. In addition to the client or patient ID, the email subject line can also contain additional text.

Saving Emails and Attachments to Client and Patient Records

Using the Unsaved filter in the shared inbox, you can find messages that have not yet been saved to client and patient records. To save the contents of a message to a client's and patient's records:

  1. Select the link button (1) on the message row. The Add note dialogue opens.
  2. If the client or patient ID was included on the email subject line, the patient and/or client are automatically filled in. Otherwise, select the correct client and patient.
  3. Review the information, edit if necessary, and save.

To delete an email from the shared inbox, select the trashcan button (2).

To refresh the shared inbox, select the circling arrows button (3).

The maximum size of one file to save in the client and patient records is 75 MB. The maximum total size of multiple files saved to one note is 256 MB.

In addition to common file formats such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPG, XLS, and XLSX, many other file formats are also accepted. For a more extensive list of accepted and unaccepted file formats, see File Uploads in Provet Cloud.


You can view the notes and files saved to client and patient records in different places in Provet Cloud:

  • Client and patient page > Communication tab. To edit a note, select the pen button on the note row. To archive a note, select the trashcan button on the note row and confirm. Archived notes can be found using the Archived filter.
  • Client and patient page > History tab
  • Shared inbox, Recently saved filter. To edit a note, select the green eye button on the row to open the note and then select Edit.
  • Consultation page, under General info. To edit a note, select the note link to open the note and then select Edit.

Department-Specific Email Address for Shared Inbox

You can also define department-specific shared inbox email addresses in the department settings.

In Settings > General > Department > Shared inbox address, add a department identifier to the address. The department identifier is added to the organisation's shared inbox address, and the address will follow the format where  'xxxx' is your organisation's Provet Cloud ID and 'yyyy' is the department identifier you added (for example,

Emails sent to a department-specific email address are only shown in that department's shared inbox. If department-specific addresses are not used, the emails sent to the organisation address are shown for all departments.

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