Create an Item Subgroup

  1. Go to Catalog > Catalog management > Item subgroups.
  2. Select Add.
  3. Add a Title for the subgroup.
  4. Select the Item type for the subgroup: Procedure, Medicine, Supply, Food, Laboratory analysis, or Laboratory Analysis Panel. Only items of the selected type can be added to the subgroup.
  5. If you are adding a subgroup to another subgroup, select the Parent group. If you do not select anything, the subgroup is added as a first-level subgroup to the master item list.
  6. You can add an Account number used for the subgroup.
  7. Depending on the department settings, the Performed by required checkbox may be available. If you select this checkbox, 'performed by' is required when an item from this subgroup is added to a consultation.
  8. For laboratory item subgroups, you can select Show this group's analyses in their own tables in printouts if you want the items to be shown within their own tables on invoice printouts.
  9. Select Save.

Assign a Subgroup to an Item

  1. Go to Catalog > Items and add a new item or open the item you want to add to a subgroup.
  2. On the General tab under Item options, select a subgroup for the item from the Item subgroup drop-down list. The subgroups of other subgroups are shown with a slash between the parent subgroup and subgroup.
  3. Select Save.


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