Windows Program Label Printing Setup


Note: This is a legacy label printing solution which is not recommended anymore. Instead, we recommend the PDF label printing solution. For issues with your current Windows program label printing setup, please refer to Label Printing Troubleshooting.

With the Windows program setup, the label printer connected to the computer receives print orders through the program over the internet.

The Windows printing program can only be connected through Windows workstations. MacOS workstations are not supported with this application.

Dymo 450 (non-wireless version) and Zebra GK420d devices are supported. Labels sized 36mm x 89mm or 1-4/10 x 3-1/2" in size are supported- Dymo 99012 EU / 30321 US.


1. Connect and set up label printer.

  1. Connect device power cords to a power source.
  2. Insert the label roll into the printing device, ensuring a snug fit in the roll cradle, as well as proper alignment through the sensor and paper feed, without any sag present.
  3. Connect the printing device to a workstation using a USB cable.
  4. Please reference the printing device manual for specific instructions pertaining to your label printing device and any additional label roll specifications.

2. Install Dymo drivers.

Install necessary printer drivers for Dymo label software on a workstation. Drivers can be downloaded either by accessing or directly through this link - Dymo Driver Download.

  1. Choose installation type 'Complete'.
  2. Ensure the printing device is connected to a workstation with a USB cable.
  3. Perform a test print: Devices & Printers > Dymo label printing device > Properties > Test print.

3. Configure device and printer preferences.

  1. Adjust the paper size (= label size) of the printer. Confirm the label size and code from the back of the label roll, for example, 99012 EU/30321 US. Follow in Windows settings: Devices & Printers > Label printing device > Properties > Preferences > Paper Size.
  2. Adjust the printing layout from Devices & Printers > Dymo label printing device > Properties > Preferences > Layout.

4. Configure Provet Cloud label printing preferences.

  1. Log in to your Provet Cloud account. Please note - only users with administrator privileges can access and modify printing integration settings.
  2. Access label printing integration settings from Settings > General > Integrations > Label Printing.
  3. Adjust the following settings using the edit pen icon:
    1. Enable Label Printing > Windows Program
    2. Input a desired password for the connectivity. Please record this password, as Provet Cloud support cannot access or retrieve this password!
  4. Select Save.


5. Install integration software.

The Provet label printing integration software will automate label printing connectivity between the Dymo label printing device and Provet Cloud. The program must be downloaded and installed on the same workstation which the Dymo drivers are downloaded as well as the label printer is connected to. 

Please download the connectivity software from the following link Label Printing Integration Software

  1. Install the software to the default suggested folder (C:\labelprint\)
  2. Confirm 'Automatic printing enabled' is selected. This will ensure the application always automatically opens. The Provet label printing integration software MUST ALWAYS be open and running for label printing connectivity to be online and available for use. During initial set up, a notification 'printer not set' will appear.
  3. Adjust settings:
    1. Select the installed Dymo printer from the drop-down 'Printer' selection field
    2. Ensure 'automatic printing enabled' is checked
    3. Enter the service URL - where xxxx is your Provet Cloud instance ID
  4. Enter the previously defined Provet Cloud defined service password. This will be the same as you set in Provet Cloud (Settings > Integrations > Label printer).
  5. Confirm Unit ID. Normally it will be '1'. If you have more than one department with a separate physical location, this value will vary. The department or unit ID can be found by following: settings > integrations > reference the highlighted square titled 'department ID' just beneath the header tabs.
  6. Confirm connectivity from Provet Cloud - Settings > Integrations > Label printer > Printer device > Status > should display green text "online". Please note - status must display "online" in order for label printing to be possible; if the red text "offline" appears, please review the above instruction and confirm all details.
  7. Perform a test label print by clicking the “Manual Label Print” button at the bottom

6. Perform a test print.

Several label types and templates are supported as shown below.

Please ensure you have created the appropriate label template(s) which you wish to utilize your label printing integration for. For further instruction on how to create label template(s) please reference the appropriate instructional guide. Instruction on how to create a medicine label template using the Windows integration can be found here How to create a medicine label template


If your label printer does not connect and display an "online" status:

  1. Confirm and review integration software settings
  2. Restart the workstation which hosts the integration applications
  3. Uninstall and reinstall all printing integration applications
  4. Contact Provet Cloud through the help icon or Dymo support through for additional technical support

If your label printer is experiencing issues with the printing size:

  1. Confirm and review printers and devices preference settings
  2. Restart the workstation which hosts the integration applications
  3. Contact Provet Cloud through the help icon or Dymo support through for additional technical support
    **Additional label size instructions can be viewed at Troubleshooting Printing Size Help starting from Setting up the print preferences in Windows as well

The Text is Too Small on the Label

Check the Windows scaling settings:

  1. Right-click on the desktop.
  2. Select Display settings.
  3. Choose 100% in the "Scale and layout: Choose size of text, apps and other"-section
  4. Reboot the computer.


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