Blackbox Label Printing Setup


Note: This is a legacy label printing solution which is not recommended anymore. Instead, we recommend the PDF label printing solution. For issues with your current Blackbox setup, please refer to Label Printing Troubleshooting.

With blackbox label printing, a label printer can be connected to your clinic's network using a so-called blackbox - a small Raspberry Pi type computer that can receive print orders from Provet Cloud over the internet. To purchase Blackbox device(s) please contact your Provet Cloud sales or support team.

Each label printing device requires a Blackbox device to complete the integration as well as a direct Ethernet cable connection.

Dymo 450 (non-wireless version) and Zebra GK420d devices are supported. Dymo 450 wireless label printing devices are not supported via the Blackbox integration due to cable connection specifications. A wide variety of label sizes are supported. The Blackbox integration can be connected through Windows or macOS workstations. 

Setup Instructions

1. Set up blackbox label printing from Provet Cloud.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Integrations > Label Printing.
  2. Enable Label Printing > Blackbox 2.0
  3. Select Save.

2. Set up devices.

Your Blacbox devices will arrive pre-configured for your Provet Cloud instance.


  1. Plug the printer device into the Blackbox using the USB cable.

  2. Plug the printer device into a power source. Ensure the printer device is on. You may need to switch a button on to complete this.

  3. Plug the Blackbox to an Ethernet port using the Ethernet cable.

  4. Plug Blackbox to a power source using the outlet cable.

  5. Confirm the connectivity is live by accessing the Provet Cloud label printing integration settings: Settings > General > Integrations > Label Printing > Label printers > Status: Online.
  6. Insert the label roll into the printing device, ensuring a snug fit in the roll cradle, as well as proper alignment through the sensor and paper feed, without any sag present. Please reference the printing device manual for specific instructions pertaining to your label printing device and any additional label roll specifications.
  7. A 'Hello' label will print when the connection has been initiated.

3. Specify label size.

Each Blackbox device requires internal print role configurations which your Provet Cloud support team will need to complete. Please contact the support team for assistance, and provide the code located on the bottom of the Blackbox device.

Additionally, you will need to further define your Provet Cloud label printing integration settings to specify the intended label size. Each Blackbox device and connected label printing device can be configured to only a single label usage size. However, multiple label sizes can be supported through the usage of multiple label printing devices and connected blackboxes.

To define the label height and width follow:

  1. Locate the label printers section within the label printing integration settings.
  2. Locate the Blackbox/label printer row which you wish to update.
  3. Select the blue edit pen icon.mceclip1.png

  4. Select an available matching label printer and label size selection. Pixel sizes should not be manually edited unless explicit instructions to modify these fields are provided. 
  5. Select Save.mceclip0.png

Supported Label Sizes

  • Zebra 50x75mm, 2 x 3" (standard for US)
  • Dymo 54x101mm, 2 1/8 x 4"
  • Dymo 54x70mm, 2 1/8 x 2 3/4" (standard for US)
  • Dymo 36x89mm, 1 4/10 x 3 1/2"

4. Do a test print.

Several label types and templates are supported as shown below.

Please ensure you have created the appropriate label template(s) which you wish to utilize your label printing integration for. For further instruction on how to create label template(s) please reference the appropriate instructional guide.

Setting up Multiple Blackbox Devices

To set up multiple Blackbox devices repeat steps 2-4 shown above. Each label printing device requires a direct Blackbox and Ethernet connection. Please contact our support or sales team to discuss any device purchases needed.


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