Cancel or Correct a Payment on the Invoice Page

You can cancel and correct invoice payments if cancelling has been enabled in your Provet Cloud department settings and you have the required user rights. Read more about cancelling or correcting payments.

Alternatively, you can also cancel or correct payments using the credit note option for cancelling and correcting payments.

  1. To cancel a payment on an invoice page, select the red thrash can button on the payment row. If your clinic uses the prepayments function and you have the required rights, you can also transfer the refund to client prepayments using the arrows button.
  2. In the Cancel payment or Transfer payment to prepayments dialogue, select the Confirm cancelling payment / Confirm transferring to prepayments checkbox and add information about the action. This information will be shown on the invoice row that shows the cancelled payment.
  3. Select the date for the cancelling or transfer. By default, the original invoice date is selected.
  4. Select Save. The payment is added on the invoice page under Payments where the whole history of payments is shown for accounting purposes (the change history is not included on the invoice printout).

After cancelling a payment, you can add a new payment with the correct information.

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