Set Up Stock Alert and Optimum Levels

Using item alert levels, you can identify stock items which need to be ordered due to a critically low stock level.

Using item optimum levels, you can identify stock items which are below an ideal stock level but not yet critically low. 

See how to find items below their alert or optimum stock level.

You can set alert and optimum levels if you have the required user permissions. The following user permission is required: Can access / edit item stock alert levels.

Enable Optimal Stock Levels

Using optimum stock levels must be enabled separately. Go to  Settings > Department > Settings and select Enable optimal stock levels.

Define Alert and Optimum Levels

  1. Go to Catalog > Items.
  2. Find and open the stock item you want to set alert or optimum levels for by selecting the pen button at the end of the item row.
  3. Go to the Stock and pricing tab.
  4. In the Alert level field, set the minimum stock alert level in packages. In the Optimum level field, set the optimum stock level in packages. These fields define an organisation-level alert and optimum level.
  5. If stock locations are used in your Provet Cloud, you can set department and stock location specific alert and optimum levels. Select the + Location alert level button to add a row, then select the department and stock location and set the alert and/or optimum levels. If you do not set a separate alert or optimum level for a department / stock location, the organisation-level settings (step 4) are used for the item.
  6. Select Save.

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