Print Rabies Vaccination Certificates (US)

To automate the process of creating and printing rabies vaccination certificates in Provet Cloud, see how to set up your rabies vaccination certificates.

To create and print a rabies vaccination certificate:

  1. On a consultation page, add a rabies vaccination procedure item to Treatment items. Typically, a rabies medicine item is linked to a rabies procedure item so that the rabies medicine item is automatically added with the procedure.
  2. Depending on the settings, the medicine item dialogue may open automatically. If not, select the pen button on the medicine item row to open it.
  3. From the Usage type drop-down list, select Administered.
  4. From the Batch drop-down list, select the batch/expiry information.
  5. Select the Effect group (the vaccination expiration duration).
  6. In the Rabies tag field, add a tag number. This field is required. If a tag number is is not issued, you can add generic characters such as 'XXXX' or '----'. 
  7. Select Save & Print certificate

A PDF rabies certificate opens in a new web browser tab for viewing and printing. Depending on the certificate settings, the veterinarian's signature may be automatically added to the certificate if the veterinarian has saved their signature in their user profile.

NOTE: Rabies certificates can only be created during an ongoing consultation. 
TIP: You can reprint the rabies vaccination certificate using the printer icon at the end of the rabies medicine item row. You can also print certificates from the patient's Vaccinations tab. However, note that each certificate has to be printed separately. If you select several vaccinations to print a combined certificate, the veterinarian's signature will not be included.
TIP: A copy of the rabies vaccination certificate is stored within the notes and communications records.

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