Overview of Label Printing


You can print various types of labels from Provet Cloud, including medicine, food and supply labels, client and patient labels, and laboratory and laboratory sample labels. Learn more about different types of labels and how to print them.

PDF label printing is the recommended label printing method. In addition, you can use one-click printing (direct printing) to make printing quicker and easier. Provet Cloud provides some presets and recommended configurations for PDF label printing and one-click printing.

PDF Label Printing

PDF label printing does not require any special integration software or devices. You only need a compatible label printing device that can connect to your computer. The printer can also be connected as a network printer.

The PDF file format is reproducible by a large variety of physical printers in various operating system environments. All modern printers and specific label printers that can print PDF files are compatible with Provet Cloud PDF label printing. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for PDF label printing.

See how to set up PDF label printing in your Provet Cloud.

One-Click Printing

Optionally, you can also set up one-click printing for PDF labels. One-click printing speeds up printing by allowing users to skip the browser and operating system printing dialogues so that the label can be printed with fewer steps.

One-click printing requires an additional Provet Cloud ProPrint helper application which must be installed on every workstation you want to use one-click printing on. If one-click printing fails, or is not installed on the workstation, Provet Cloud uses browser-based PDF printing instead.

See how to set up one-click printing for Windows or macOS.

Recommended Configurations

The PDF label content and layout are primarily defined in Provet Cloud. As for label size, most label printers are compatible, but Provet Cloud offers better support for Dymo printers by providing presets.  Our tested and recommended configurations include:

  • Dymo LabelWriter 450, large address labels (89 mm x 36 mm) for macOS, including one-click printing
  • Dymo LabelWriter 550, large address labels (89 mm x 36 mm) for Windows and macOS, including one-click printing
  • Zebra ZDesigner GK420d (3" x 2" / 76 mm x 51 mm labels) for Windows, including one-click printing
  • Brother QL-820NWBc, large address labels (90 mm x 38 mm) for Windows and macOS, including one-click printing

Learn more about the recommended configurations.

Provet Cloud Legacy Label Printing Solutions

For information about non-recommended Provet Cloud legacy label printing solutions (Windows Printing Program, Blackbox integration, and one-click printing for Windows using WebApp Hardware Bridge), see Label Printing Troubleshooting.


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