Delete a Consultation

Deleting a consultation may be necessary, for example, if a consultation has been falsely started. By deleting the consultation, you can make sure that your records are correct and to return any items into stock counts. You can delete consultations if you have the required permissions.

If there are treatment items on the consultation, you must delete all items first. A consultation that includes items cannot be deleted.

  1. On the consultation page, select Tools > Delete consultation items.
  2. Select Select all and then Delete. Confirm the action.
  3. Select Tools > Delete consultation and confirm the action.

If the consultation was started from a scheduled appointment, the appointment is returned to the 'upcoming' status.

If you do not want to delete a consultation, but a patient has been checked in by mistake, you can cancel the check-in. In this case, the consultation returns to the draft state.

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