Add New Item Quantity to Stock Without an Order or Purchase Invoice

Items are commonly added to stock through product orders and purchase invoices, but it is also possible to add them without a related order or purchase invoice if necessary.

Note: If a new item does not exist in your Provet Cloud yet, you must first add it to your item list before you can add it to stock.

  1. Go to Inventory > Stock and find the item you want to add to stock.
  2. On the item row, select the button with three dots and then select + Add to stock from the pop-up menu.
  3. If used in your Provet Cloud, select a Stock location. The default location is selected by default.
  4. Add the quantity in the Packages or Units field. You can use one of the fields or both, in which case the quantities are summed up.
  5. If used in your Provet Cloud, add a Batch number and Expiration date. Batches are a good way of tracing items in case of a problem. If you do not want to track the item by batches, you can leave these fields empty. 
  6. Provet Cloud retrieves the default Wholesale price from the item information, but you can change it for this specific action. If you want to make changes to the item's default pricing scheme, select Update prices. The Wholesale price field is used to calculate the value that is added to the stock.
  7. You can add additional information about the stock update in the Note field.
  8. Select Save.

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