Using the Scil vIP Integration


The Scil vIP integration allows users to automatically generate a lab order which results are then automatically connected to and uploaded back into Provet Cloud for reference and review. The returned results are attached to the original referral as well as included in the patient's history.


The integration utilizes the laboratory referrals workflow of Provet Cloud. This means that a laboratory referral must be created within a consultation which is then utilized to return the completed results back into Provet Cloud. Creating a laboratory referral is mandatory for the successful use of the integration and uploading of results.

How to Create a Laboratory Referral Submission

A laboratory referral can only be created from within an active ongoing consultation.

  1. Access the active consultation for the patient.
  2. Locate the 'diagnostic' block & the 'laboratory' section.
  3. Select the plus-sign icon located next to the laboratory title. The referral creation prompt will open.
  4. Search for the desired laboratory panel using the internal laboratory group selection, as well as subgroup filters and the search field. Panels can be searched by name or by code.
  5. Select the plus-sign icon at the end of the panel row to add the panel to the referral. Selecting multiple panels will add multiple tests to the same referral.
  6. Confirm item pricing or adjust as needed within the 'selected laboratories and panels' section.
  7. Complete any referral specific remarks within the appropriate informational field.
  8. Select 'save' once all referral information has been confirmed as accurate and complete.
  9. Confirm the laboratory referral was successfully submitted using the colour coding system. You would expect to see a brown coded request #.
    In the example above, we see the referral # in a grey colour status.

Understanding the Submission Status Colour System

  1. Grey: not started. Please review referral submission and laboratory integration status to ensure the submission is correctly received and submitted. Manual sending by the user may be required once test submission has been reviewed.
  2. Brown: in progress. This colour indicates the referral was successfully submitted and testing is in progress awaiting results.
  3. Green: complete. This colour indicates the testing is completed and results have been uploaded through the integration.

Beginning a Test on your Equipment

When beginning the panel on the equipment, staff will also need to enter the matching Patient ID which the laboratory referral was created against. Any panels performed without an originating referral / matching Patient ID entered will not return results to Provet Cloud.

How to Delete a Laboratory Request

  1. Locate the referral request information - either through the laboratory dashboard or during a consultation.
  2. Select the red trash bin icon or the red 'delete button.
  3. Confirm the deletion action.

Receiving and Viewing Results

Once results are available, they will be automatically uploaded into Provet Cloud and assigned to the originating referral request, as well as within the appropriate patient's history. mceclip10.png

Results can be viewed either by locating the laboratory requisition through the laboratory dashboard, by accessing the laboratory diagnostics section of patient history, or by accessing the original consultation containing the laboratory referral.

Any laboratory remarks will be present in the appropriate informational field located at the bottom of the referral page.

Any internal remarks regarding results can be entered within the 'internal remarks' field located at the bottom of the referral page.

Side Notes

  1. There are two results filter options when viewing laboratory diagnostics within a consultation which are shown in the upper right corner of the example below. As well as a wrench icon to save filter preferences.
    Selecting 'show requests' will display referral requests as rows.
    Selecting 'show analyses' will display the individual analysis items of a panel as rows.
    If you are experiencing difficulties locating a created referral, please check your filter settings.
  2. Referral test request information can be reviewed by selecting the bullet point list icon at the end of the referral row.
  3. An internal lab panel, as well as referral, is required to directly receive results through the integration process.
  4. Laboratory panels from different laboratory groups cannot be combined into a single referral. This will result in the referral not completing the integration submission process.

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