Use Items with Alternative Prices

Provet Cloud enables a flexible pricing setup where sale items can have a base selling price and additional, alternative prices used in specific cases. For example, if a food item is sold as a box of 10 small packs, but it is also possible to sell the packs individually, a clinic may want to set up a higher price for individual small packs and offer a whole box for a lower price.

Example: The base price of 'Cat food' is 31.20 € per package ('box') and an alternative price of 3.84 € is used for a unit ('pack'). When buying this food as a box, a 30% markup is applied, but when buying it as individual packs, a 60% markup is applied.

Counter Sales, Consultations, and Consultation Invoices

When you search for items on counter sales, consultations, or consultation invoice pages, any alternative prices are shown indented and with an additional description under the base price, and you can select the option you want to use. Note that the displayed prices are based on the default usage size (unit or package). When you select an alternative price, you cannot change the usage size.

Please consult your clinic's administrative staff about the alternative price setup your clinic is using if you are unsure about which price to use.


Treatment Estimates

When you create treatment estimates, you can add one or all alternative prices of a single item to a single estimate and later select which one to use.

Item Bundles

An item bundle can contain all alternative prices of an item with varying quantities. Select the price you want to use and use the bundle as usual.

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