In-clinic Laboratory Integrations


This article gives an overview of the available laboratory integrations between Provet Cloud and any lab devices that are operational in your clinic or hospital, or devices you may consider purchasing.

The benefit of having integrations is that laboratory referrals with patient information can be sent from Provet Cloud to lab devices without the need to enter the information manually into devices - this speeds up your workflow and reduces human errors. In case of a two-way integration, results can also come to Provet Cloud automatically, further increasing speed and reliability.

Different device families are connected with Provet Cloud using different technical integrations. This article follows these integrations to provide a list of available options. Some devices can be integrated using different technical integrations - to integrate all your devices, you may need one or more integration installations.

Laboratory integrations are add-ons of Provet Cloud. Contact our sales team to get related quotes and advice on what would be the best setup based on your devices.


Lablink is an independent software for connecting in-house laboratory devices with laboratory information systems or practice management systems like Provet Cloud. Lablink is installed on a Windows computer in the clinic's/hospital's lab.

Integrating devices using Lablink is an advanced process handled by the Provet Cloud team.

Devices and integrations available with Lablink:

  • Boule Exigo BM800
  • Boule Exigo BM850
  • Boule Exigo H400
  • Boule Exigo C200
  • Heska
  • IDEXX VetLab Station
  • scil vIP
  • Indiko
  • Immulite
  • Radiometer ABL 90
  • SysMex
  • Cobas 311
  • Beckman Coulter AU 680/480
  • Lifetest / Woodley blackbox
  • Mi Lab
  • Bionote VCheck v200/v2400

IDEXX InterLink™ Cloud Plug-In

IDEXX InterLink™ Cloud Plug-In is a Windows application that has been developed by the Provet Cloud team. It allows integrating a Provet Cloud account with an IDEXX VetLab Station and thus with any analysers that are connected to it. It is a two-way connection, meaning that referrals with patient information can go from Provet Cloud to the devices, and results can come back automatically.

Although this integration can also be set up with the Lablink option described above, it is also available separately with the Cloud Plug-In. The possible benefit here is that you can do the setup yourself with your local IT administrator, but you can also order this work from Provet Cloud.

See the setup guide HERE.

scil vIP

Similarly to IDEXX InterLink™, it is possible to connect scil vIP software with Provet Cloud using a Windows application developed by the Provet Cloud team. Things to note here are that the connection is unidirectional (only results from devices to Provet Cloud), and if you do not already have a scil vIP software license, you need to acquire it from your local representative.

Again, the possible benefit is that you can do the setup yourself with your local IT administrator, but you can also order this work from Provet Cloud.

See the usage guide HERE.

Known device list:


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