Use Shift Templates

Predefined shift templates using shift types makes scheduling standardized staff shifts quick and efficient. Shift templates can be used to plan and organise an entire day of staff schedules, including overnight shifts.

Creating Shift Templates

Shift templates utilise shift types. Shift types must first be created from department settings. Please reference the complete 'Creating Shift Types' guide for further information. Shift templates are active department specific currently meaning templates created under other departments will not be available for use in shift scheduling.

Shift templates are created from template settings. To access shift templates, please follow: Settings > Items & Lists > Templates > Shift Templates.

  1. Select the blue 'Add' button to begin creating a new shift template.mceclip0.png
  2. Complete information fields:
    1. Define the shift template name in the corresponding information field. A title such as Morning MWF could be used to reference the template for morning shift schedules on days of Monday, Wednesday, Friday for example.
    2. Optionally, define an identifying code which staff can use to easily recognize and search for the template by.
    3. Ensure 'Active' is selected in order for the template to be available for scheduling use.
    4. Select 'Two-day template' if the duration spans more than a single calendar day. Please reference the creating two-day shift template section below for further information on time block usage.
  3. Select 'Add block' to open the defined calendar visual which shifts will be created within.
    1. Multiple time blocks can be created if, for example, the shift template should include a morning time block and an afternoon time block.
    2. Time value must be added in a '00:00 am/pm' format if US 12-hour clock is in use. A 24-hour clock format will be available for other locales.
  4. Click and drag within the calendar visual to create and define an individual shiftmceclip0.png
  5. Complete available informational fields:
    1. 'Shift type' selections are available based upon previously created shift types.
    2. 'Group' selections are available based upon previously created ward types.
    3. 'Team' selections are available based upon previously created team types assigned to wards.
    4. 'Start' and 'End' times can be further adjusted manually.
    5. 'Show in web booking or available for online booking' will appear if a shift type which is defined as available for online booking is selected. Checking this box will indicate the shift scheduling is available for online booking appointments.
    6. 'Note' field information is displayed within the shift calendar block visual.
  6. Select 'Save' once all information has been reviewed for thoroughness and accuracy.
  7. To edit a shift block, simply click on the shift block to open the mapping prompt.
  8. Create all necessary shift type blocks using steps 4-5 above. Shift blocks cannot overlap in time.
  9. Select 'Save' once all information has been reviewed for thoroughness and accuracy.
  10. The shift template is now created for use.

Creating Two-Day Shift Templates

Two-day shift templates should be used when a shift time block spans overnight from one calendar day into a second calendar day.

To create a two-day shift template:

  1. Follow the above 1-2 shift template creation steps.
  2. Select 'Two-day template'.
  3. Select 'Add block' to define the shift time duration blocks.
    1. Two time blocks must be created to recognize the separate calendar day.s
    2. The first time block should end at '11:59 pm' or '23:59'.
    3. The second time block should start at '12:00 am' or '00:00'.
    4. Follow steps 3-10 as listed above in 'Creating Shift Templates'

Scheduling Staff Shifts using Shift Templates

  1. Access the shift calendar and select the 'Shift templates' tab.
  2. Search and select the user you wish to schedule for and ensure the same user you are scheduling for is selected in the calendar view filters along the left bar.
  3. Search and select the shift template you wish to use for scheduling.
  4. Select 'Duration of slot' if you wish to schedule the shift with individual time slot selections available within the slot. If a shift is available for online appointment booking, scheduling individual time blocks within the shift is recommended. Individual shift time blocks can be deleted while maintaining the other scheduled blocks.
  5. Use calendar filter settings to adjust the calendar visual as desired.
  6. Click on a calendar day to schedule the selected shift template. A green alert will appear confirming successful scheduling of the appropriate number of shifts. A red alert will appear confirming any errors which prevented the scheduling of shifts.

Deleting & Copying Shift Templates

These functions operate as when using individual shift scheduling functionalities. Please reference the complete 'Scheduling Staff Shifts' guide for additional instruction.



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