Create a Diagnostic Imaging Referral

If the diagnostic imaging features are enabled in your Provet Cloud, you can create diagnostic imaging referrals on the consultation page. The referral is sent from Provet Cloud to the selected diagnostic imaging device's worklist.

  1. In the Diagnostic imaging section under Diagnostics, select the plus button to add a new referral. A dialogue opens.
  2. From the Equipment list, select the device you want to send the referral to.
  3. Select the target areas (parts of the animal that are to be imaged). Depending on your settings, either the basic workflow or the enhanced workflow options are available. Procedures are added to the consultation automatically based on the device and target area settings.
    • Basic workflow: Select the target area from the Selected diagnostic list. Use the plus button to add more target areas.
    • Enhanced workflow: Select a category from the list below the selected equipment. The subcategories and projections included in the category open to the right. Select the projections you want to include in the referral.
  4. The consultation Veterinarian is automatically added, but you can change it if necessary. In addition, you can add Request remarks for the diagnostic imaging team in your clinic or hospital and select a planned Date and Time for the referral.
  5. Select Save to create and send the referral to the worklist. The referral arrives at the diagnostic imaging workstation or the diagnostic imaging device, and the team can continue with the actual imaging process. Images are usually automatically archived from diagnostic imaging devices.

After saving, you can view the referral in the Diagnostic imaging section on the consultation page. To edit the referral, select the pen button. You can also print or email the referral and select the information you want to include. 

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