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Activating Gravity Payments for Recurring Payments


Using the Gravity Payments integration, invoice payments can be directly processed through the payment terminal. This reduces the chance of errors as users do not need to enter charge amounts or add payments manually to invoices. It is also possible to save a client's payment card in Provet Cloud so that it can be used for future payments and recurring health plan payments. Any Provet Cloud financial transaction with a client can be processed through the Gravity Payments integration, including deposits and refunds

The Gravity Payments integration is available in the US market only.

Setup Process

The Gravity Payments integration configuration is performed by the Provet Cloud and Gravity Payments technical teams. The setup process includes the following steps.

1. Gravity Payments account setup

The Gravity Payments team sets up your account. When your account has been agreed upon and is active, Gravity Payments notifies the Provet Cloud team.

2. Integration configuration in Provet Cloud

The Provet Cloud team configures the Gravity Payments integration in your Provet Cloud. When the integration has been configured by both teams, the Provet Cloud team notifies you.

3. Final installation walk-through with Gravity Payments

After the integration has been configured, contact Gravity Payments directly to schedule a final installation walk-through. This remote call will last approximately 60 minutes and is required to enable the integration formally. If any previous configurations with a practice management system are active or if the payment terminal devices are currently in use, this is when those devices or other integrations are disconnected and the new integration connection with Provet Cloud is activated.

Activating Gravity Payments for Recurring Payments

The Gravity Payments integration can be used for automatic recurring health plan payments when a default payment card has been saved in the client's billing information.

To activate recurring payments with the Gravity Payments integration:

  1. Go to Settings > Location > 'Health plan' (a custom term for the feature may have been defined in the health plan settings).
  2. Select Allow gravity payment for recurring payment.
Note: The Allow gravity payment for recurring payment setting must also be selected to see clients' stored cards on their Billing tabs.

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