View and Share Diagnostic Images

When imaging has been completed at an imaging device and the images have been archived in the Provet Cloud PACS, you can view the results in Provet Cloud.

Show Images

In the Diagnostic imaging section of the consultation page where the diagnostic imaging referral was created or at the top of the patient's page, select Show images of to open the integrated MedDream image viewer. At first use, the system asks you for login credentials which you can get from your clinic or hospital administrator.

The MedDream viewer opens a list of the patient's diagnostic imaging studies. Select the study you want to view. The MedDream viewer allows you to view the images in a flexible way, similar to programs commonly found in diagnostic imaging workstations. You can also export images in various formats.

Share Files

To send diagnostic images by email from the MedDream viewer, select Share files via Dicom Library.

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