NETS Connect@Cloud Payment Terminal Requirements and Setup


Provet Cloud supports NETS Connect@Cloud payment terminals for secure and stable card payments. See the requirements and instructions below.


  • The customer (the veterinary practice using the terminals) must have Connect@Cloud compatible payment terminals. Connect@Cloud supports the NETS Nordic payment terminals. Ethernet connectivity and NETS Nordic software with Connect@Cloud support is required. In general, the following payment terminal models are recommended for the solution:
    • Lane3000
    • Desk3500
    • Move3500
  • The customer must have an account in the NETS Connect@Cloud system, and the customer's terminal(s) must be bound to the account by NETS. NOTE: only NETS creates and manages the account.
  • The customer's NETS Connect@Cloud account and NETS payment terminals settings must be set as described in steps 4. and 5. in Terminal Setup.

Terminal Setup

The customer must order Connect@Cloud compatible terminals from their local NETS branch (Finland, Sweden, Norway, etc., have their own country-specific branches). Provet Cloud Support can help with the ordering process and with managing the following settings:

  1. 'Connect@Cloud compatible' must be mentioned in the order.
  2. NETS creates a user account for the customer's Provet Cloud account and sends the terminals to the customer along with the user account information.
  3. The customer physically connects the new terminals and checks that the ECR and host icons on the home screen show in green colour. There are two icons that need to show in green. 
  4. The customer adds their Connect@Cloud user account username and password into Provet Cloud's Nets@Connect Cloud account settings (Settings > Integrations > Nets Connect@Cloud account). Note that these account settings are NOT department-specific but used by the whole organisation; this step only needs to be done once for an organization.
  5. The customer adds the new terminals into Provet Cloud's integration settings (Settings > Integrations > Nets payment terminals). It is important to use Connect@Cloud as the type of the terminal. Note that the terminal settings are department-specific.
  6. The customer performs a reconciliation / End of Day operation to the terminal(s) from the 'Admin' menu of the terminal using the accompanying 'Merchant Card'. This is important because otherwise the terminal will not accept any payments.
  7. The customer can start using the terminal integration.


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