Using PDF Forms


Provet Cloud supports uploading and using fillable PDF forms directly in the application. You can use PDF forms similarly to Word forms - as patient, client, consultation, discharge note or patient referral feedback forms.

Using a PDF form

In this example, we're using a patient form-type as an example. The process is similar with other form types.

1. Find the Form Creation Option

To add a patient PDF form that has been set up previously, open a patient page and find the 'Forms' section. Select the green 'Add' menu and select a PDF form from the menu.


2. Create and Fill

A new window will appear with the form preview. The form should already contain any prefilled information which you can still change. Make adjustments as you see fit.

3. Save and Use

You have several options for using the form, select using the buttons at the bottom of the form dialogue.

  • Saving the form creates the form and saves any adjustments you've made. The form is then visible in the forms' section on the appropriate page (for example, the patient page).
  • Locking the form creates the forms, saves it, and prevents any further changes to it. Note that after locking a form, you can't remove it from the forms' section.
  • You also have options to directly print and/or email the form.

Any saved forms will be displayed in the appropriate section on the page, as seen below as an example.

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