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Note: It is no longer possible to create new forms using the Build form function. If you have created forms using the old form builder tool, your forms are still available and you can edit them. However, it is recommended that you replace them with PDF forms as Word forms will also be removed in the future.

Provet Cloud supports uploading and using fillable PDF forms directly in the application. You can use PDF forms similarly to Word forms - as patient, client, consultation, discharge note or patient referral feedback forms. You can upload a PDF form that has fillable fields created with an appropriate application, for example, the official Adobe Acrobat DC. These forms can then be conveniently used during consultations, filling and saving the forms directly in Provet Cloud. In this guide, we presume that you have your fillable PDF form already ready and created.

Setting Up a Form for Use

1. Find the Upload Option

Navigate to Provet Cloud's form management section in settings by following Settings > Items & Lists > Templates > Certificates & Forms. Find the blue 'PDF form' drop-down menu on the right and select the desired option from the menu. In our case, we're going to select the 'Patient' for creating a patient form.


2. Upload the File and Define Properties

A new page for PDF template creation opens. Name the form for easier user recognition and also select the department in which this form is available. If you don't select the department, it will be available in all departments. Click on the 'Drop files here to upload.' area to browse for the file or drag the file into that area. Finally, select 'Save' to upload the form.

3. Define Defaults and Placeholders

As a third, optional step, you can prefill the form with text and selections, and you can also use placeholders. Available placeholders can be checked from the blue 'Show info' button.

Finally, select 'Save' to make sure prefilled information is saved.

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