Insemination and pregnancy control, how to report to GENO via DHP

Dyrehelseportalen (DHP) is a website for registering health data, insemination and gathering of food chain information. It enables the veterinarians to report medicines used so the food authorities (Mattilsynet) and other interested parties can fetch the required data from DHP. The integration explained in this document makes it possible to report insemination and pregnancy checks directly from Provet Cloud.

Reporting to DHP

When a consultation is created and the correct procedures are added, the consultation can be sent to an integration page and from there reported to DHP. Before it is sent, some precautions have to be taken into consideration. 

Responsible veterinarian

To be able to see the consultations, when entering the integration page, the logged in user has to be set as the responsible veterinarian for the current consultation. This is set in the General info-section.



Add the correct procedure done in the consultation, insemination or pregnancy check (or both if a group of patients are treated in the consultation). It has to exist procedure for insemination- and pregnancy control (or both if a group of patients are treated)


Integration page

When the consultation is ongoing and the relevant procedures are added, the propagation details can be sent to DHP and further to GENO. The reporting should be done before the consultation is closed, therefore the custom button opening the integration page is in the consultation:


The integration page opens in a new tab.


  1. Use date fields on top to set the required time period for searching consultations, default time span is 14 days.
  2. The active and logged in users name is displayed. 
  3. Current departments are shown. If the user has access to multiple departments, all departments the user has access to will show if there are any consultations to report on. 
  4. Switch between Konsultasjoner page showing the consultations to report on, and Arkiv showing the already reported consultations

Click on a consultation number to select it and see the details. The number is the same number found in the URL of the consultation


When the consultation number is selected, the procedure added in the consultation determines what type will show in the integration page. The filtering is done based on the responsible veterinarian and if the patient is connected to the relevant procedures.



Consultation will only be listed / allowed to be sent if

-its state is 6, 8 or 9 (it is active consultation or finalized)

-it has animals that can be sent (currently only cows)

-it has consultation items related to insemination or pregnancy check for at least some animals

-> only the animals that fill these conditions will be sent from the consultation


Pregnancy check


In the example above, procedure Drektighetskontroll was added to 3 cows, and invoicing to be done by GENO (makes the “Gratis innlegg og sæddose” automatically ticked). Each tab represents one cow, select each and one of them and add the result of the check, whether she is pregnant or not. When done, click on “Lagre og send”. 

Arkiv side

It is only possible to send the result once, and when it is done, it will end up in the “Arkiv” page as history:


Click on the relevant consultation number to see the details of what was sent. Icons gives a quick overview of what the consultations contains





Pregnancy check


Both insemination and pregnancy check


If insemination procedure is added to a cow in the consultation, this page shows in the integration page


Every time an insemination is to be reported, the “Beholdernummer” needs to be confirmed. It can be selected from a dropdown if it has been used already, or a new one can be added


Select the beholdernummer and confirm.


Date, consultation number, producer and cow number is fetched from Provet Cloud. 

Oksenummer is shown as a drop-down list presented from Animalias API, and a match between the correct oksenummer and batchnummer needs to exist.

When done, click “Lagre og send”

In "Arkiv", all history is stored. The same history is also sent back to Provet Cloud when a reporting is done. In Consultations General info, Notes and Communications field shows if a reporting to GENO is done:


And on patient page and History, the details are shown:


Validation error

If validation rules required by DHPs API is not met, a validation error will show:


In this example, the batchnumber is not valid and the error is displayed below the field. Also the tab describing the current animal is red, so if there are several issues if multiple animals are listed in the consultation it is easy to find the errors:


Note that if there are several cows inseminated, each cow will show as a separate tab, same as on the pregnancy check page.

Consultation status

It is possible to see if the consultation is finalized or not based on the icon in front of the consultation number




Consultation is completed. This is a Provet Cloud status, meaning that the consultation is finished and an end date exists.


Consultation is not finalized. This is also a Provet Cloud status, meaning that the consultation is still ongoing and only a start date exists.

Add correct settings

Before using the integration, the correct settings must be set. 

Two factor authentication (2FA)

To be able to report to DHP, Animalia requires 2FA enabled in Provet Cloud. This feature is turned on when DHP integration is added to the system. 2FA requires a valdid SMS-plan to work.

Country settings

Country must be Norway, as the reporting should be triggered for Norwegian clinics only. Add the setting in

  • Innstillinger -> Avdelingsinnstillinger -> Avdelingsprofil 


User settings

DHP requires Veterinær ID and Resept ID to be able to report medicine. This info needs to be added in 

Innstillinger -> Brukere -> Rediger bruker


Production animal setting

A function indicating that production animals should be activated has to be set.

Innstillinger -> Avdeling -> Aktiver produksjonsdyr egenskaper


Add required information on patient and client profile 

Patient profile

When the settings above are set, production animal fields will show on the patient profile. Add in “Individnummer” for cattle, this is the identification number that will be sent to DHP to identify the cattle. If the integration Husdyrnedlasting, this ID is set automatically.


Client profile

On the client profile, “Produsentnummer” can be added. Also, this is where the client is marked as “Produksjonsdyrkunde”.


Adding procedure with required codes 

The integration shows the consultations based on the filtering of procedure codes. To add procedures with required codes:

• Innstillinger -> Elementer og lister -> Legg til element -> Legg til prosedyre


There are two codes needed, depending on if the procedure is for pregnancy check or for insemination. 


Price can be added to the procedure and automatically show on the invoice when a procedure is added to a consultation, if needed. The price can also be edited directly before finalizing the invoice.




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