Connecting Large-Scale Laboratory Analysers with Provet Cloud


Laboratories often want to improve their efficiency by reducing the required manual steps in their laboratory workflows. Many of these steps can be optimised by integrating the laboratory analysers used at the laboratories.

Large-scale laboratory analyser devices (e.g. Cobas, Immulite, Siemens etc.) used in large central laboratory facilities can be connected to Provet Cloud using an additional connectivity program called LabTerm. LabTerm is developed by our partner company Tietoniksi.

LabTerm can provide one-way or two-way integrations for compatible laboratory analyser devices. With the two-way connectivity, you can send requests to the analyser and get results from the analyser using Provet Cloud. Functionality is dependent on the capabilities of the analyser as well: some support one-way connectivity, some two-way connectivity.

A Windows computer is required for installing the connectivity software near the analyser devices, as the analysers are often connected with RS232 cables. The following diagram illustrates the common connectivity setup:


The LabTerm integration software is provided as an additional feature to Provet Cloud and licensed per analyser device. Pricing can be quoted once the actual makes and models of the devices to be integrated are known. This also requires that we have the connectivity description available from the laboratory analyser's provider. The most commonly used format to communicate between an analyser and Labterm is ASTM protocol, which is transferred over a serial port communication (RS232) cable. On-site setup days are commonly required for this connectivity.

Verifying connectivity options requires further discussion with our specialists.  Please contact to discuss your specific connectivity options.

The following analysers have already been successfully connected using the Labterm connectivity software:

  • Ciba Corning 550 Express
  • Cobas Mira
  • Express Plus
  • Indiko Plus
  • Kone Delta/Pro/Basic
  • Konelab 20i
  • Konelab 30i
  • Konelab 60i
  • Spotchem EZ
  • Specific / Specific Supra
  • Technicon RA-100
  • ABX MicrosCRP
  • ABX Pentra 80
  • Advia 60
  • Advia 70
  • Advia 2120
  • Beckman Coulter AU480
  • Boule Medonic
  • CellDyn 610
  • CellDyn 1400
  • CellDyn 1600
  • CellDyn 1700
  • CellDyn 3200
  • CellDyn Ruby
  • Coulter AcT Series
  • Coulter MD II
  • Coulter MD-8
  • Coulter Onyx
  • Coulter STKS
  • Coulter T540/T660/T890
  • MicrosEMI
  • Nihon Kohden MEK 8118K
  • Nihon Kohden Celltac F/MEK 8222
  • Sysmex F-800
  • Sysmex K-800
  • Sysmex K-1000
  • Sysmex K-4500
  • Sysmex KX-21
  • Sysmex SF-3000
  • Sysmex XT-1800
  • Sysmex XT-2000
  • Sysmex XT-4000 (=SUIT)
  • Clinitek 100
  • Clinitek 200
  • Clinitek 500
  • Clinitek STATUS
  • Miditron M
  • Miditron Junior
  • Miditron Junior II
  • Urisys 1800
  • Urisys 2400
  • ACL 100/1000
  • ACL 7000
  • ACL 10000
  • ACL Elite
  • Afinion (ADCC)
  • Amelung KC10
  • AxSYM
  • Ciba Corning 614 Na/K
  • Diagnostica Stago Art 4/8
  • Immulite 2500
  • Microlyte 3+2
  • SRS 20 Thrombolyzer Compact X
  • Thrombotrack 4


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