Third-party PACS Image Viewers

In addition to the built-in MedDream DICOM Viewer, Provet Cloud can also be connected to your preferred diagnostic image viewer.

Third-party image viewers must be URL-based. To set up the connection, a viewer URL address is needed for the viewer, and it has to be accessible from the networks from where the users of the DICOM image viewer want to view the images. This may be either the clinic's or hospital's internal network only or the whole Internet. The third-party PACS provider must provide the URL address and complete the required network settings with the local IT department of the clinic/hospital.

For more information, please contact your local Provet Cloud Sales representative or Provet Cloud Support.

Provet Cloud Settings

In Settings > General > Integrations > Diagnostic Imaging Settings, the following settings are needed:

  • Select the Image archive (PACS) in use setting.
  • Add the viewer URL address in the Image archive (PACS) URL field. Provet Cloud adds the patient ID automatically to the end of the URL address as a parameter. This allows the third party viewer to open the images for the corrected patient from the third party PACS.

Known Support

Software that is known to support a connection with Provet Cloud include:

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