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Online Booking Setup Steps

Online Booking Workflow for Your Clients

Rules for Matching Client Data with Existing Data in Provet Cloud


Online booking allows your clients to book appointments independently at any time of the day. By offering online booking, you can also save your clinic's time for other tasks.

With the Provet Cloud online booking feature, you have detailed control over your clients' access to appointment booking. You can decide which services or treatments are included and choose the time slots that are available for online booking. You can also add treatment-specific instructions to inform your clients about how to prepare for the appointment.

Online booking is an add-on feature in Provet Cloud. Please contact Provet Cloud Sales or Support to purchase the feature.

Online Booking Setup Steps

After the online booking feature has been added to your system, you can edit the online booking settings and complete the required setup:

  1. Define the general online booking settings.
  2. Set up reason groups and reasons for online booking.
  3. Set up staff shifts for online booking.
  4. Preview and test your online booking form.
  5. Make online booking available to your clients.
  6. View and admit appointments booked online.

Online Booking Workflow for Your Clients

Below is a description of how your online booking form looks to your clients and how they use it.

The text you added to the Information field in the general online booking settings is shown below the page title (a).

  1. Depending on your form selections, client may have to select a department.
  2. Depending on the department settings, client may have to select the Species of the patient.
  3. Client selects a reason group.
  4. Client selects a reason. Reason-specific instructions set in the reason settings are displayed below the reason (b).
  5. Days with available appointment times are shown in the calendar in green. Client selects a day in the calendar.
  6. The available times for the selected day are listed below. Available times depend on the reason settings as well as the Available time slots and Required time before appointment start settings in the general online booking settings. Clients can use the filters to view available times for the whole day, morning, afternoon, or evening.
  7. Client selects the Choose button to select an appointment time. 


A new page opens. Appointment details shows a summary of the appointment. The duration and responsible employee's name may be hidden or shown depending on the general online booking settings.

  1. Client fills in their information. Required fields marked with an asterisk (*).
  2. Client fills in their pet's information. Only single-pet appointments are available in online booking. Information added in the text field will be shown in the appointment details and in the consultation general information section.
  3. Client can select the Remember me checkbox if they want their browser to remember the information they have entered. This is useful if they regularly book online.
  4. Client selects Confirm appointment to finalise the booking. The appointment is added to your appointment calendar and the selected confirmation messages are sent. A summary page opens.


Rules for Matching Client Data with Existing Data in Provet Cloud

When Provet Cloud receives the client and patient details from the online booking, it tries to match the details with existing clients in your system to avoid client and patient duplicates.

The following rules are applied in matching client data:

  1. First name must match exactly.
  2. Last name must match exactly.
  3. One of the following must match:
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Address

For example, if there is a client that has the same first name, last name and phone number, but a different or missing email address in your Provet Cloud, the client is matched. Note that the different data (in this case, email address) is not automatically updated from the online booking data to the client details in the system. If there are existing client duplicates in your Provet Cloud based on these details, the match fails even if other details (for example, client ID) of one of the clients matches with the online booking data.

The following rules are applied in matching patient data:

  1. Client must match.
  2. Patient name must match exactly.
  3. Species must match exactly.

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