Import or Update a Wholesaler's Items

Provet Cloud can be integrated with selected wholesalers so that product lists with prices can be imported to Provet Cloud. The product lists can also be updated after the first import.

This feature requires an initial setup by Provet Cloud support.

If you only need to update the prices of items that already exist in Provet Cloud, you can use the Update prices button instead of going through the whole import procedure. <<See more about updating product prices and scheduling automatic price updates.>>

1. Filter wholesaler items for the import.

  1. Go to Settings > Import & Export > Import from list.
  2. In the wholesaler list, select Import on the wholesaler row.
  3. In the Manual item import dialogue, select the filters you want to use for generating the item list for the import:
    • Select the item types to import (one or all types).
    • Select whether you want to import new items, updated items, or both.
    • Using the Keyword text field, you can filter items based on the item name.
  4. Select Start import. The wholesaler's item list is generated.

2. Select the items you want to import or update.

The wholesaler's item list shows the status of the items compared to Provet Cloud:

a) New items that have not been imported to Provet Cloud before are marked with a green bar at the beginning of the row. 

b) Items that exist in Provet Cloud are marked with c.

c) Items that exist in Provet Cloud but have been updated by the wholesaler are marked with a yellow bar at the beginning of the row, and the updated information is highlighted in yellow on the row. In the price column, an arrow shows whether the updated price has increased or decreased compared to the current price in Provet Cloud (d).

Using the search field above the list, you can filter the item list further based on the item name.

To select the items to import or update, you can either use the Select all on page button or select items individually in the list. To proceed, select Next at the bottom of the page.


3. Define the item settings.

a) Using the settings above the list, you can apply a setting to multiple items in one go. For each setting, you can select All to apply the setting to all items, or you can select items in the list and use Selected to apply the setting to the selected items.

b) Alternatively, you can select the settings for each item individually by using the options on the item rows in the list.

Note that when you edit the item price, VAT group, or markup percentage, the other two are calculated automatically.

If needed, you can still remove an item from the import list by selecting x at the end of the item row.

When ready, select Next to finish the import. A summary page opens.


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