Recommended Vaccine Item Set Up

The recommended vaccine item set up is useful when the same medicine product is used with varying vaccination expiration dates, a unique item is needed to trigger vaccination reminders of different expiration dates, and clear communication and informational reference is needed with clients on invoices and patient history. In the recommended vaccine item setup, vaccines are created as medicines and procedures. The medicine items help to track inventory, and the procedures determine the price of the service and are used for reminders.  

1. Set up the medicine item.

  1. In Catalog > Items, create the medicine item.
  2. On the General tab under Item options, select the Vaccination checkbox. The Vaccine options section appears under visibility options.
  3. In the Vaccination against following disease field, fill in which disease(s) this vaccine protects against. You can select from a list or type in the field. When you type and add a new disease, it will become available in the drop-down for other vaccines. These diseases are shown in the vaccination history on the patient's page.
  4. Select the Vaccination type: Killed, Modified live virus (MLV), or Recombinant vaccine.
  5. Select Enable vaccine expiry warnings to make sure that users add the number of days the vaccine is valid for when adding the vaccine to a consultation.
  6. Add effect groups and effect expiration. Using the effect groups, you can set up how long the vaccine is good for. This is needed since many vaccines have different “terms” for how long the vaccine is valid for in the patient (for example, 3 weeks, 1 year, 3 years, etc.).
    1. Select + Effect expiration.
    2. Add a descriptive Name for staff to recognise, for example, '1-year' or '3-year'. The name is shown in the drop-down menu of the consultation.
    3. Add the number of days the vaccination is valid for in the Expiration days field. 
    4. If relevant, define an age interval that will help users to choose the correct effect group based on the patient’s age. Select the Use age interval checkbox and add the default suggested minimum and maximum ages the effect expiration would be selected for.
  7. Add any additional product information as needed. For example, the manufacturer information is typically added.
  8. Go to the Stock and pricing tab.
  9. Add the VAT group. Make sure that the Selling price and any additional pricing fields are set to $0. Note that you can set the cost fields as you wish, but any pricing associated with the medicine product will be invoiced to the client in addition to the procedure level pricing. Typically, medicine level pricing is defined as $0.
  10. Add and select any other relevant information. For example,
    • Select Batch number required if you want users to select which batch of the vaccine they are using from. 
    • Select Hide zero item row on invoice printout if you want to hide the vaccine item from view on invoices since the item does not hold the price of the service.
  11. When you have filled in all relevant information, select Save.

2. Set up the procedure item and link it to the medicine item.

  1. In Catalog > Items , create the procedure item. Your item list may support several versions of a vaccination procedure item, for example, Rabies 1 year and Rabies 3 year. Complete the following steps for each version.
  2. On the Stock and pricing tab in the item dialogue, add the medicine item you created in the previous step to the Linked items field.
    • US only: Also add the medicine item in the Auto open linked item modal field so that the medicine item is automatically opened when this procedure item is added on a consultation.
  3. In the Selling price field, add the procedure price.
  4. Add any additional information as needed.
  5. When you have added and reviewed all the necessary information, select Save.

3. Set up vaccine reminders.

See how to create automatic patient reminders.

See an example of a vaccine reminder.

Note: When you create reminder rules for vaccination services, it is important to select the vaccine procedure as the trigger item and not the medicine item. If the medicine item is used as the trigger item, it will trigger every reminder rule which has the same item selected. This will generate multiple false reminders for the patient record.

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