Appointment Reason Groups and Reasons: Overview and Settings


Appointment reason groups and reason types are used in appointment scheduling, client communication and consultation workflow. Reason groups help categorise specific appointment reason types so that clients and staff can select from a list of limited options depending on the nature of the visit instead of having to browse a large list of mixed reasons. Reasons allow detailed control and define the available appointment times. This is especially useful in online booking.

A common approach is to create reason groups based on general veterinary fields such as dermatology, neurology, vaccinations, surgery, exams etc., but defining the reason groups and reasons is entirely up to the clinic. If you do not want to use groups, you can also create just one group and add all reasons to it.

See how to add appointment reason groups.

See how to add appointment reasons.


Settings > Department > Client interactions

Enable pre-registration / self check-in

Pre-registration allows clients to confirm their general information and pet's information before arriving to a scheduled appointment. You can enable pre-registration to all or selected reason types.

Disable self check-in for reason types

Self check-in allows clients to mark themselves as arrived to their scheduled appointment. You can disable this function for specific appointment reason types.

Settings > Department > Department settings

Enable species-specific reason types

This setting applies to online booking. When this setting is enabled, the client must first select the species of the patient. Only relevant reason options are then available.

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