Overview of Reminders

In Provet Cloud, reminders can be used for client communication and as an internal tool to help the clinic staff stay up-to-date on patient care. The following reminders are available in Provet Cloud.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders can be used to remind clients about upcoming appointments and provide clients with access to appointment pre-registration. Appointment reminders are sent based on the appointment reminder settings. They can be sent by email and SMS messages (text messages).

You can view a list of all appointment reminders sent to a client on the Communication tab of the client page.

Learn more about appointment reminders.


Patient Reminders

Patient reminders can be used for client communication, for example, to remind clients about vaccinations, laboratory testing such as blood panels or faecal screening, routine care such as annual exams, or preventative care products. Patient reminders are sent based on the reminder settings. They can be sent by email and SMS messages.

The clinic staff can also use patient reminders as internal reminders to contact a client by phone and to follow the status of patient care and patient's services.

You can view all patient reminders on Records > Reminders tab or on the Reminders tab of a specific client's page. Colour coding on the reminder due dates helps you to easily identify the status of a patient care service. Note that colour coding is solely based on the due date and is not connected to the reminder sending status.

  • Black: The service is valid and has an expiry date in 31 days or greater in the future.
  • Yellow: The expiry date is upcoming within the next 30 days.
  • Red: The expiry date has passed.


Manual Patient Reminders

You can create a reminder manually for a specific client and set it to be sent at a specific time. The manual reminder option may be useful, for example, if an automatic reminder has not been assigned for the purpose you want to send a reminder for. For the reminder message, you can use a reminder template or add the message text manually. The saved reminders are added in a sending queue and will be sent automatically at the defined times.

Automatic Patient Reminders

Automatic reminders are triggered and sent based on reminder rules. You can create reminder rules for examination services, vaccinations, blood work, various diagnostics, routine injections, or other professional services. A reminder for the next due service is automatically triggered by the set conditions and sent to clients according to the defined sending schedule. Automatic reminders use reminder templates for client messages.

Automatic patient reminders can also be used as an internal tool by the clinic staff. For example, you can use an automatic reminder to remind the staff to always contact a client by phone after a patient's surgery. Reminders also provide an quick way to check the status of a patient's services. If a patient reminder is shown in red, you can easily see that the service (such as a vaccination) is overdue and do not need to review a full patient history to check the patient's service status. The expiry date of the reminder is also automatically updated accordingly when the service is completed, so that the reminder always indicates the current status of the service.

Examples of Reminder Messages

Below are examples of email and SMS messages that a client would receive. Several automatic reminders may also be included in one message if combining reminder messages is enabled in the settings.



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