Set Up the Triage Function

The triage function in Provet Cloud helps to manage and triage emergency appointments. Appointments can be categorised by urgency so that veterinary staff can clearly identify which patients require attention as a priority.

The triage function is an add-on feature. For more information, please contact the Provet Cloud sales team.

1. Add the triage wards.

Go to Settings > Department > Wards and add the ward(s) that will be assigned for triage use.

To add a new ward, select + Add. Name and code are required. In addition, you can add a logo and select other departments that share the ward. If you do not select any other departments, the ward is available only for the department in which it was added.

2. Enable the triage function.

  1. Go to Settings > Department > Triage and select the pen button to open the settings for editing.
  2. Select the Enable triage checkbox.
  3. In Triage Wards, select the wards (created in step 1) that will be used for handling triage patients.
  4. In Triage consultation note type, you can select a default consultation note type if clinical note types are in use in your Provet Cloud. If you do not select a consultation note type, consultation notes are not enabled for triage.
  5. From Triage patient status fields, select the patient status fields that you want to show during triage for evaluation and monitoring. The available patient statuses are defined in Settings > Items & Lists > Lists. If you do not select any statuses, patient statuses are not enabled for triage.
  6. Save the settings.

2. Create the triage categories.

  1. In Settings > Department > Triage, select + Add under Triage categories.
  2. In the Order field, add the order number for the category on the triage dashboard.
  3. In the Code field, add a unique short code for the category.
  4. In the Name field, add a full name for the category as you want it to show on the triage dashboard. 
  5. For Background colour and Text colour, select the colours you want to use for the category.
  6. In Min time and Max time, add the waiting time for the category. If the triage wait time exceeds the max time, the wait time is highlighted in red on the triage dashboard.
  7. Select Save.


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