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Provet Cloud has worked together with Zoetis to build an integration with the VetScan FUSE system. The connection allows sending laboratory referrals to selected VetScan devices and sending diagnostic results back to Provet Cloud.

Devices Available for Connection

Device Directory of Services Type


Chemistry Bidirectional
VETSCAN HM5 Hematology Bidirectional
VETSCAN VSpro Chemistry2 Unidirectional
VETSCAN VUE RapidTests Bidirectional
VETSCAN VA Urinalysis Bidirectional
VETSCAN IMAGYST Fecalanalysis Bidirectional
VETSCAN UA Urinalysis Bidirectional


The FUSE system itself is set up by a Zoetis representative, and the integration with Provet Cloud is set up by the Provet Cloud team. The FUSE system should be set up first, and you can then ask for the integration with Provet Cloud from your Provet Cloud sales representative or support.

Before asking for the integration, please make sure that the following requirements are met:

  • The FUSE system is connected to the clinic's network, preferably with a cable connection.
  • The FUSE system has a fixed IP address, and it is known.
  • A 'Client ID' has been provided by Zoetis.
  • You have a list of devices connected to FUSE which you want to integrate.
  • You have a list of laboratory items or panels in your item list that you want to work with the integration. See the instructions below to understand how items and panels are used.

Creating Referrals

When the VetScan FUSE integration has been set up and enabled, you can send diagnostic referrals to the VetScan system with the usual laboratory workflow in Provet Cloud.

  1. On a consultation, find the laboratory diagnostics subsection and use the blue plus button to add a new referral.
  2. On the dialogue that opens, use filters and search to find relevant VetScan lab items or panels from your Provet Cloud item list.
  3. Use the small blue plus button to add lab items or panels to the referral.
  4. Use the green 'Save' button to create and send the referral.

After saving, you will see the requests and analyses on the laboratory diagnostics table on the consultation.



Viewing Results

When the results have been returned from the integration, you can access them from various places in the system.

From the Consultation Page

The PDF result attachment can be accessed from the consultation's general info section by clicking on the blue link with the attachment name (see below).

The results can also be read from the laboratory diagnostics section where we created the referral from.


From the Laboratory Referral Page

You can also open the referral's full page from the consultation's lab diagnostics section using the white button with stripes on the referral row. Similarly, the referral can be opened from the laboratory dashboard.

The laboratory referral page shows a more comprehensive overview of the referral and also has the link to the PDF attachment mentioned above. The PDF attachment is generated by VetScan and includes useful graphs and histograms.

Note that the referral (request) numbers also show their status, with the green status indicating that the results have arrived. With the filters, you can also toggle between 'Show requests' and 'Show analyses'.




Correcting Referral ID to Import Results

If lab testing is performed not using a Provet Cloud lab referral, results will be orphaned with an error within the VetScan FUSE cloud platform. It is still possible to manually import these results into Provet Cloud once the matching Provet Cloud referral ID is linked.

  1. Access the matching Provet Cloud lab referral
  2. Select the brown matching 'FUSE' integration button located in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Select the 'Results' tab on the new Vetscan FUSE integration page
  4. Locate the lab results row which requires updating
  5. Select the matching 'Lab Order ID' button
  6. Update the Lab Order ID value entered in the available field. The entered value should be the matching referral ID from Provet Cloud
  7. Select the 'Save & Resend' button


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