Mobile App Overview and Settings

The Provet Cloud mobile app is a mobile version of Provet Cloud for clinic staff use. When you are on-the-go or not able to access a computer or connect to the internet, the mobile app provides a convenient way to get a quick overview of your patients and perform some basic, repetitive actions. Note that the mobile app offers limited functionality and access to your Provet Cloud data. New features and functions will be added to the app in the future, but the mobile app will not provide full Provet Cloud functionality.

Tip: If you use the mobile app on a tablet, you can also switch to the full Provet Cloud in the browser to use the full functionality when needed.

Note that if you are not connected to the internet when using the app, it may take some time for updates to be synchronised to the Provet Cloud database once the app is online.

Currently, the following functions are available in the mobile app.


  • Viewing, editing, and completing tasks.

Treatment plans

The mobile app treatment plan functions are included in the digital whiteboard premium subscription with treatment plans.

  • Viewing upcoming and started treatment plans for all patients
  • Viewing all patients with active consultations in your department
  • Viewing patient pages with basic information about the patient and upcoming, prepared, started, and done or skipped treatment plans
  • Marking a planned item as prepared, started, done, or skipped


Enable Mobile App

The mobile app is an add-on functionality that must be enabled in your Provet Cloud organisation settings. If the mobile app is not enabled, users cannot generate login credentials for the app. See also User Group Permissions.

To enable the Provet Cloud mobile app functionality, go to Settings > Organization and select the Enable mobile app checkbox.

User Group Permissions

To be able to generate the required login credentials for the app, Provet Cloud users need user group permissions for the mobile app.

Go to Settings > General > Users > Permission Groups and give the permission groups that need access to the app 'Read' permissions to Can access / edit mobile app settings. Administrators have the required permissions by default.

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