Create a Discount Scheme

You can define discount schemes which are automatically applied based on the defined rule when items are added during a consultation or to a counter sale. In addition to discount schemes, you can set up client-specific discounts.

  1. Go to Settings > Lists & Templates > Discounts.
  2. Under Discount schemes, select Add. A New discount scheme dialogue open.
  3. Under General information, add the following:
    • Add a Name for the discount scheme. A name is required.
    • You can add a Default discount percentage and a Minimum sum that is required before the discount can be applied.
    • You can also add additional information about the discount for the staff in the Internal notes field. For example, for a military discount, you can instruct that the client must show their ID before the 'Military' tag be applied.
  4. Under When, define when the discount is applied. You can use this, for example, for monthly discounts such as a 'Dental month'.
    • You can add a Start date and End date for the discount scheme.
    • You can also add a more specific rule: Select Add rule to open a rule row. For Rule type, you can select Not valid or Valid only, then select the Weekdays that the rule will apply to, and the Start time and End time for the rule. For example, you can set a rule to apply only on Mondays from 8:00 to 15:00.
    • To add more rules, select Add rule.
  5. Under To whom, define who the discounts applies to. This setting is required.
    • For example, if you select Tags as the Rule type, you can add specific tags that the discount applies to, and all clients or patients with the tag (e.g. 'senior' or 'rescue') will get the discount (note that you must create the tags first to be able use them for discounts). You can also select specific clients, patients, or species, or apply the discount for everyone using the All clients option.
    • To add more rules, select Add rule.
  6. Under Items, define the items that will be discounted and the discount percent. At least one rule is required.  
    • Depending on the Rule type you select, you can define rules for different item types, item subgroups, specific items, or fixed price templates saved in your Provet Cloud. 
    • If a default discount has been set for the discount scheme, it is added by default for a new rule, but you can change it. If the default discount and a rule discount differ, the bigger discount will be applied.
    • To add more rules, select Add rule
  7. Under Bulk discount, you can define discounts for items based on the sold quantity. 
  8. When finished, select Save.

The created discount schemes are listed on the Items & Lists - Discounts page. Note that discount schemes that have a time frame rule are shown in the active discount scheme within the time frame they are valid. To find schemes that are not currently active, select the Inactive filter.

Multiple Rules

You can add several rules to the same discount scheme, but note that if there are multiple rules which apply to the same item, the highest discount rate is applied by default.


Rule 1:

  • Rule type: Item types
  • Item types: Food
  • Discount: 50%

This rule applies a 50% discount on all foods.

Rule 2:

  • Rule type: Items
  • Items:  Food X
  • Discount: 30%

This rule applies a 30% discount on 'Food X'.

In this case, the discount for 'Food X' will be 50% as it qualifies for the item type rule.

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