Private Patients

A private patient account is hidden from search and and only visible to only approved department(s). Private patient identification can be useful if patients are only seen by specific department(s) or if an advanced level of privacy is needed to restrict access to a patient's medical care, such as in a university set-up or corporate situations. Common private patient categories also include races horses, royalty pets, or other celebrity ownership situations.

See how to enable the private patients functionality and select related setting.

Mark a Patient as a Private Patient

  1. Add a new patient or find an existing patient you want to mark as a private patient and open the patient details for editing.
  2. At the bottom of the page, in the right-hand side column, select the Private patient checkbox.
  3. In the Visible for departments field, add the department(s) that you want the patient to be visible for. You must add at least one department. The field may include departments by default depending on the settings.
  4. If department groups are used in your Provet Cloud, you can also add the department groups that you want the patient to be visible for in the Visible for department groups field.
  5. Select Save.


User Permission Group Settings

The following setting controls the availability of the private patient function for user permission groups.

Settings > Users > Permission groups

  • Can mark patients as private

Organisation Settings

Settings > General > Organisation > Organisation settings

  • Enable private patients: When this setting is selected, the private patients function is available in your Provet Cloud.
  • Show private patients in Client & Patients search results: When this setting is selected, private patient names are shown in the client and patient search results for all departments, but the complete patient details are hidden from unapproved departments.

Department Settings

The department-level settings are available when the private patients function has been enabled in the organisation settings.

Settings > General > Department > Department settings

  • Private patient by default: When this setting is selected, every new patient created in the department is marked as private by default.
  • Private patient visible departments: The departments added in this field are selected by default for a a patient marked as a private patient. This setting is only visible if private patients by default is enabled. These settings should be used simultaneously normally.
  • Private patient visible department groups: In this field, you can select department groups if the are defined in the organisation settings.


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