Create a Single Task

  1. In the top menu bar, select the checkmark icon and then + Create task.
  2. In the Create task dialogue, add the task details. Title and Assigned user or Ward are required.
    • A specific ward can be assigned, for example, to assist in managing triage services and emergency appointments. Note that when a task is assigned to a ward only, no users are notified about the task (the task can be viewed on the task dashboard).
    • By default, the user selection list includes the users of the currently selected department. If your organisation has several departments, you can select the Show all users checkbox to include all users from all departments. 
  3. You can also select a task Type and Status, set a Deadline, and add a reminder with the Remind before option. In addition, you can add a specific Client and Patient the task is related to.
  4. Select Save.

In My profile > Task settings, users can set some personal preferences related to tasks. For example, you can select if you want to receive notifications about tasks by email/SMS and subscribe to other users' tasks and be notified about them.

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