Managing Department Groups


Department groups offer a way to utilize a single setting selection to organize and assign multiple departments in connection with configuration of other advanced functionalities. A cloud instance must have at least 3 departments for department group settings to be visible in organization settings.

Department groups can be used with text template active department configuration and private patient default department configuration. Reference the specific instructional guides for further information on the setup of each functionality.

Creating Department Groups

To access department group configuration, please follow Settings > Organization > Department Groups.

  1. Select the 'Add' button to create a new department group
  2. Define the department group name for internal reference
  3. Select the included departments
  4. Select 'Save'
  5. This department group is now available for use in the configuration of other functionalities

Managing Department Groups

Department groups can be updated or edited by selecting the edit pen icon at the end of the group row. Once details have been updated as needed, select 'Save' to confirm updates.

Department groups can be deleted by selecting the trash bin icon at the end of the group row. Then select the 'Delete' button to confirm the delete action.


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