Setting Up One-Click Printing for Windows Using WebApp Hardware Bridge


Note: This is a legacy printing solution which is not recommended anymore. Instead, we recommend ProPrint for Windows. For issues with your current one-click printing setup using WebApp Hardware Bridge printing, please refer to Label Printing Troubleshooting.

One-click printing (direct printing) allows skipping the operating system's print dialogue, making printing convenient and fast. One-click printing is available for invoices and patient history as well as for label printing if configured.

To enable one-click printing, you need to install the WebApp Hardware Bridge application on every computer you want to have one-click printing available on. If you want to use one-click printing also for printing PDF labels, you need to set it up in the PDF label printing settings. You can enable one-click printing centrally for all users in a department (location) or allow individual users to enable it for their own account. 

This article covers setup instructions for Windows computers. For macOS computers, see Setting Up One-Click Printing for macOS.

1. Install and configure the WebApp Hardware Bridge application.

  1. Download the latest version of WebApp Hardware Bridge from here and follow the installer's instructions.
  2. Open the installed program. Note that it will initially start by running in the background. Right-click the tray icon and select Configurator to open it.
  3. Make sure that no serial connections are listed in the bottom left-hand side section. If necessary, remove them by right-clicking on the type entry and selecting Delete.
  4. In the bottom right-hand side section, find the 'INVOICE' Print Type and double-click on the printer cell to open the printer list. Select the printer you wish to connect for one-click printing.
  5. If you want to enable one-click printing for PDF labels, add more Print Type entries for label printers as needed. For further instructions, see 3. Optional: Set up one-click printing for label printing.
  6. Select Save & Close at the bottom.
  7. Start the program again from the tray icon or from the start menu.


2. Enable and test the one-click printing feature in Provet Cloud.

You can enable one-click centrally for all users in a department or allow users to enable or disable it for their own account. 

Go to Settings > General > Integrations > Direct printing and select the pen button to open the Direct printing software connection section. From the Department policy on direct printing drop-down list, select the option you want to use:

  • Determined by user profile
  • Enabled for all users in department
  • Disabled for all users in department

When you select the first option, your users can enable direct printing for their own account as follows:

  1. Open your user profile in Provet Cloud and find the Direct printing section.
  2. To open the section for editing, select the pen button next to the section title.
  3. Tick the Enable one-click PDF printing checkbox.
  4. Select Save.

Printing service status should show as 'Connected' with a ticked checkbox. You may have to use the Refresh button if the service does not connect right away.

To print a test file, select the Test print button.



3. Optional: Set up one-click printing for PDF label printing.

If you want to use one-click printing for labels, you must also set it up in the PDF label printing settings: make sure that the Print Type of the printer in the WebApp Hardware Bridge configuration settings matches the One-click printer type in the PDF label printer settings (NEWLABEL in the example below).



4. Print test labels.

Print some test labels to check that everything is set up correctly and adjust the settings if necessary. For how and where you can print labels, see Printing Labels.

When one-click printing is in use, you can see a ticked checkbox icon in the print button. An unticked box means that there is something wrong with the service. In this case, the web browser's printing functionality will be used instead (you will likely see a preview of the document which you have to acknowledge with one extra click to print).

Note that WebApp Hardware Bridge saves a local copy of every printed PDF file in a folder called 'documents' within its installation folder.

If there are any issues or problems with one-click printing, see Label Printing Troubleshooting.



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