BI Report Descriptions

Business intelligence (BI) reports can help you with veterinary business management by providing additional insight into the clinic's performance. The business intelligence reports are a set of dashboards that contain visualised key performance indicators about finances, human resources, client engagement, and clinical processes.

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To access the BI reports, go to Reports > Business intelligence > Business intelligence report. Power BI reports are available in the following sections. Each section includes sub-pages that focus on different areas of the section. To access the reports, select the sections on the main navigation page or go to the tabs at the bottom of the page.

Release notes opens a public support page that lists the latest BI release information and updates.


Key Metrics

This report provides a quick overview of your clinic's performance during the selected timeframe. You can track the following metrics:

  • Item sales
  • Average item sales on consultation
  • Number of consultations
  • Counter sale item sales
  • New clients on consultations
  • Old clients on consultations
  • Client information lacks phone or email

When you hover over a visual, a pop up shows each metric by departments.

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Track and Improve Your Financial Performance

Overview of sales

You can track different measures and view them by clinic, ward, and employee. You can also view how a selected measure progresses over time. The available measures are listed in the drop-down list at the top of the page.

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Change per month and year

You can compare a selected metric to the previous month and the same month from the previous year. You can filter the data by clinic, ward, and employee.

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Accounts receivables

This report provides a comprehensive view of unpaid invoices which can be further viewed by department, ward, and vet. A timeline visual shows how your accounts receivables progress over the selected period of time. You can view detailed information about unpaid invoices and export the data to an Excel file by selecting the upper left pane.

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Export detailed sales data

The following information is available:

  • Daily summary
  • Consultations by vet. You can view the number of consultations grouped by vet, consultation type, ward, reporting dimension 1, reason type group, and reason type.
  • Avg client, patient and visit transaction by vet
  • Employee summary: You can view how an employee performs in general by checking their invoice counts, total sales, patients seen etc.
  • Accounts receivables
  • Item sales and discounts: This reports includes over 20 dimensions.

You can export your sales data to an Excel file so that you have more flexibility to filter the data, build visuals, and perform analyses according to your needs. To export the data to an Excel file, select the three dots (More options) in the upper right corner of the table and select Export data from the pop-up menu.

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Item sales by category

You can view item sales grouped by item types, item subgroups, and items. You can also select the measure you want to track.


Engage and Retain Your Clients


You can track delays and the median length of the delays in your clinic. The median length is shown instead of the average length, because the average is affected by extreme exceptions. If your clinic has long delays and the most of consultations have delays, you may want to consider ways to improve efficiency to help you avoid delays in the future.

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Client retention

You can track the number of new, active, and lost clients by consultation and counter sale, as well as new, active, and lost patients over time to see how your client base is changing. If the number of your monthly active clients is decreasing and the number of lost clients is increasing, you may want to consider ways to help retain your clients.

You can also view a list of your top spending clients by selecting the button in the bottom left corner.



You can view how your clinic is performing against other clinics in the same country and compare your clinic performance to the same month of the previous year by tracking the following metrics:

  • average billing per department
  • average billing per invoice
  • average consultation billing per client
  • average counter sale billing per client
  • average consultation billing per department
  • average counter sale billing per department
  • average no. of active clients per department in the last 12 months
  • average no. of active patients per department in the last 12 months
  • average no. of clients per department
  • average no. of patients per department
  • average no. of consultations per department
  • average no. of new clients on consultations per department


Health plan

You can track your health plan related metrics such as the number of subscriptions by status, number of clients and patients with active subscriptions, subscription revenues generated by health plans, average client health plan savings, and items that have been used through health plans.


Manage Your Workforce

Sales and consultations by hour

This report shows how busy your clinic is by hour to help you plan your workforce for peak hours and less busy times. You can track the following metrics:

  • Consultation sales amount
  • Number of consultations
  • Number of patients

image (23).jpg

Share of realised client work of total work

The upper graph shows how many shift hours are used for appointment-related work in general over time. The bottom graph shows the appointment to shift ratio by employees. A red bar on an employee indicates that the employee may be overloaded with work.

image (24).jpg

Manage and Improve Your Quality and Processes

Laboratory and imaging referrals

This report shows an overview of your laboratory and imaging referrals, including the number of referrals, the distribution of the referrals, and the share of consultations including a laboratory or imaging referral. You can also track your referral distribution by device usage which can help you understand which equipment are used the most. If your clinic is witnessing an increase in laboratory or image referrals, but you do not have your own laboratories, you may want to consider having your own laboratory instead of using external laboratories.

image (25).jpgAppointments

This report shows an overview of appointment related figures:

  • the number of appointments by different types and patient species
  • the percentage of cancelled and no show appointments
  • scheduled appointment duration by employees

By tracking these figures, you can better allocate resources to the most common appointment types and patient species. You can also optimise employee capacity by checking if employees have long appointment sessions and too many appointments.


Patient referrals

You can track your referrals and sales over time to see which referring vet or organisation brings you the most referrals and sales. In addition, you can view which patient species are referred the most or the least.


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