Referral Portal Overview

Provet Cloud Referral Portal is an add-on functionality that allows your clinic or hospital to receive referrals from other practitioners and improve communication with the referring clinic. Other practitioners can send patient referrals to your clinic or hospital and you can send referral feedback and diagnostic materials to the referring practitioners through the portal.

Workflow with Referral Portal

  1. A referring veterinarian creates a referral in the Referral Portal and sends it to you.
  2. Receive the referral in Provet Cloud.
  3. Book an appointment in Provet Cloud.
  4. Admit and process the consultation in Provet Cloud.
  5. Send feedback to the referring veterinarian from Provet Cloud through the Referral Portal.
  6. The referring veterinarian monitors the referral status and views your feedback in the Referral Portal.

Referral Portal Setup and Access

Referral Portal requires an initial setup from the Provet Cloud team. Please contact Provet Cloud Sales or Support if you want to start using the Referral Portal. Once the Referral Portal has been set up, the referring clinics need an invitation to the portal from you.

See how to set up your Referral Portal and give access to referring clinics.

Sending and Monitoring Referrals

On the My referrals page, the referring clinics can create and send referrals, monitor the status of their referrals, and view the feedback sent by your clinic.

Note that the referring veterinarian cannot see any details about your scheduled appointments or the consultation. They can only see if the referral is in progress, if they have received feedback from you, or if the referral has been deleted at your clinic.


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