Finalising a Consultation Invoice and Processing Payments

Provet Cloud follows the daily veterinary care workflow with statuses and colour highlighting to communicate the phase. The complete workflow from a new appointment to invoicing and payment is as follows:


This article provides instructions for invoicing and payment after the consultation and veterinary treatment part of the visit has been completed.

Depending on your organisation's process and department settings, appointments may be updated to the 'Waiting for discharge' and 'Discharged' statuses before invoicing or payments are finalised. It is also possible to go to invoicing and payment straight from the 'Consultation' status, or an additional 'Invoicing' status may be used after 'Waiting for discharge'.

In addition, different options may be available for payments, for example, prepayments and mass discounts. This article provides instructions for a simple payment workflow with card, cash and mixed payment methods. For more information about the different options, see Finalising Invoices and Adding Payments.

Finalise an Invoice and Add Payment

When the consultation visit has been completed, you can review the draft invoice and still add any final sales items if needed. You can find appointments in the 'Waiting for discharge' status under Recent consultations on your Dashboard.

To open the invoice page, select the 'Go to invoice' button at the end of the row.


You can process the payment at the same time with finalising the invoice or do it later.

  • Depending on the department settings, one-step payment options may be available at the bottom of the invoice page (1).
  • When you have finalised the invoice but payment will be received later, you can select Invoice (2) to mark the patient as 'Discharged'. If there are no payment methods available, the Finalise invoice button also changes the status to 'Discharged'.

Read more about the different options.


Select the appropriate payment method:

  • If the client pays the full amount by card, select Card payment.
  • For cash payment, the Cash received and Cash return fields may be available for cash payments. When you enter the received amount, the return amount is automatically calculated based on the invoice total. Select Cash payment to finalise the full payment by cash.
  • If the client uses more than one payment method to pay the total, select Mixed payment. In the Mixed payments dialogue box, select the payment method and add the sum. Select the + button to add more payment methods and Save when finished.


After the payment has been processed, the appointment status changes to 'Invoice Paid'. You can send the client a summary of the visit by email and also include the invoice as an attachment.

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