Remove Item Quantity from Stock

Item quantities are usually removed from Provet Cloud's inventory through sales (counter sales and consultation invoices), but you can also remove quantities manually if necessary.

  1. Go to Inventory > Stock and find the item you want to remove from stock.
  2. On the item row, select the button with three dots and then select Remove from stock from the pop-up menu.
  3. Add the item quantity you want to remove in the Packages or Units field. You can use one of the fields or both, in which case the quantities are summed up.
  4. If batches are used in your Provet Cloud, select the Batch you want to remove from.
  5. Select a Removal reason. In the item stock log, the entries are marked with the selected reasons. The available options are:
    • Cycle count: For removals during a cycle count.
    • Use: When something was used outside of the normal sales process.
    • Loss: When something was lost, for example, accidentally broken.
    • Expiration: When the items have expired.
    • Theft
    • Measurement loss: For marking a measurement loss that happened by mistake.
    • Other: Any other reason (add a description in the Note field).
  6. If used in your Provet Could, select the Stock location from which you want to remove the item.
  7. You can add additional information about the stock update in the Note field.
  8. Select Save.

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