Creating a New Task

Tasks are an internal communication tool for creating personal tasks with reminders, assigning tasks to other users and notifying users when tasks or events are completed. 

Tasks can be single or repeated. For example, a single task can be used for scheduling a follow-up appointment with a patient, or the office staff can have a repeated task for completing the end-of-day reporting.

Tasks can also be generated automatically for certain events, for example, when a referred patient arrives or when finalising invoicing. 

  1. In the top menu bar, select the checkmark icon and then + Create task.
  2. In the Create task dialogue, add the task details. Title and Assigned user or Ward are required. In addition, you can select a task type and status, set a deadline and reminder, and select a specific client and patient the task is related to. Users can select in their own profile settings whether they want to receive notifications about tasks by email/SMS.
  3. For a repeating task:
    • Add the Start date and select End type. For By end date, add the end date. For By recurred times, add the number of times you want the task to be repeated.
    • Select Recurring type: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
    • If you need to inactivate a repeating task temporarily, uncheck the Active checkbox.
  4. Select Save.



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