Creating a Treatment Estimate for a Consultation

Treatment estimates can be used to communicate treatment costs to animal owners before beginning procedures or when additional treatments are needed over a more extended hospital stay. Treatment estimates can be easily changed into actual invoice items.

You can create treatment estimates in several places in Provet Cloud, including the Dashboard, client and patient page, appointment entries, Records > Estimates page, and the consultation page. In addition, you can create estimate bundles for the most commonly used estimates so that you do not need to create the same estimate separately every time. Treatment estimates can be connected to specific clients, patients and consultations, but do not have to be.

This article provides instructions for creating an estimate from a consultation page. For information about other options, see Create a Treatment Estimate.

1. Add a new estimate on the consultation page.

Under the General info section on the consultation page, select the plus button on the Estimates row.


2. Fill in the estimate basic information.

On the estimate page, fill in the basic information for the estimate. Client, patient, veterinarian and appointment information are automatically filled in based on the consultation. In addition, you can add a title and notes. Title is optional, but useful in finding the estimate later.


3. Add the estimate items and finalise the estimate.

You can add treatment items, such as procedures, medicines, foods and supplies to the estimate. You can search for all available items using the search field or add different items separately using the + buttons (1). You can also use predefined treatment item bundles if they are available.

Before finalising the estimate, you can still edit and delete the added items if needed. To edit an item, select the pen button (2), modify the information in the fields and select the checkmark button (3) to save your changes or the x button (4) if you want to cancel your changes. To delete an item, select the trashcan button (5).

When you are ready, select Finalise estimate (6). Note that after an estimate has been finalised, it can no longer be edited. Finalising is optional but recommended when an agreement has been reached with the client. Finalising is required when electronic signatures are used.


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