Create Automatic In-House Fee Rules

  1. Go to Settings > Department > Automatic inhouse fees.
  2. Select Add. A dialogue opens.
  3. Add a Name for the fee. The name must be unique to each department.
  4. Select the Wards that the fee is connected to.
  5. Select the Rule type: one-time fee or recurring fee.
    • For a recurring fee rule, set the time when the fee will be added to the consultation.
    • If you select the Use as an entrance fee option for a recurring fee, the fee is added immediately when the patient is admitted or moved to a ward defined for the rule regardless of the time.
  6. Select an Item that is automatically added to the consultation when the fee is added. This item determines the fee amount. Only procedure items can be added. Note that any items linked to the selected item are not added automatically.
  7. Select Save.

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