Create a Treatment Estimate Bundle

Treatment estimate bundles are item bundles which can be used to make creating new treatment estimates quicker and easier. Instead of always creating a frequently used estimate from scratch, you can create a new estimate quickly by using an estimate bundle as a template.

In addition to estimate bundles, you can use an existing estimate as a template for a new one by copying an existing treatment estimate.

  1. You can start creating a new bundle from three places:
    • Go to Records > Estimates and select +New bundle
    • Go to Catalog > Bundles and select Add bundle.
    • Open an existing estimate and select Create bundle. The items included in the estimate are copied to the new bundle.
  2. Select the settings and add items to the estimate bundle in the same way as for an item bundle.
  3. When you want to use a bundle as an estimate bundle, select the Estimate bundle checkbox in the bundle settings. When you start from Records > Estimates, the checkbox is selected by default.

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